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Cornell Energy Systems Institute (CESI)
Call for Postdoctoral Fellows

The mission of the Cornell Energy Systems Institute (CESI) is to make energy systems with low carbon footprint the norm through innovations in materials, technology, and systems design. In pursuit of this mission, the Institute supports an ambitious agenda spanning discovery research to technology translation. The goal is to catalyze frontier research on materials, devices, data analytics, and intelligent systems architectures, which lower cost, improve performance, and reduce carbon footprint of energy systems.  The institute also serves as a hub for subject matter experts, programs, and multi-user facilities that translate energy-focused research discoveries to prototypes and prototypes to commercial practice. 

CESI POSTDOCTORAL FELLOWSHIPS are high-profile postdoctoral fellowships designed to attract the best and brightest young researchers in energy science, engineering, and materials to Cornell. The goal is to create a cohort of independent scholars pursuing frontier research in energy. Fellows will work in partnership with Cornell faculty sponsors on projects consistent with the CESI mission. CESI postdoctoral fellowships are two-year appointments and provide up to 50% of the cost associated with supporting a postdoctoral scientist at Cornell; the faculty sponsors provide the remaining 50%. Approximately five fellowships will be awarded for a two-year period beginning in March 2020.

Applications will be evaluated in a competitive process designed to assess the applicant’s qualifications, the quality and originality of the proposed postdoctoral research, and the potential of the work to facilitate new research collaborations among CESI faculty. Applicants should not already be in a targeted research group at Cornell. Each applicant must have at least two Cornell faculty sponsors, at least one of whom should be an active CESI faculty member (see Successful applicants should also have a demonstrated record of research excellence evidenced by external metrics appropriate for their field, such as high-impact publications, awards, patents, and invited talks at international meetings.

All fellows agree to put the CESI byline on all publications and presentations during their appointment.

CESI Fellows will also receive lifetime memberships in the Society of Cornell Fellows, along with the participants in other named prestigious and competitively awarded Cornell postdoctoral fellowships.

Required Application Materials

  1. Candidate CV, including a publication list.

  2. Two-page description of proposed research. The proposal should explicitly address the relationship between the proposed work and CESI research mission. The proposal should also list the names, email address, and affiliation of the Cornell faculty sponsors.

  3. Letters of support from Cornell sponsors. A single letter co-signed by multiple sponsors is acceptable.

  4. Two additional Letters of Recommendation (e.g., from thesis advisor, collaborators).

Please forward all material (pdf format preferred) to: Mary Jane Sager (
Receipt deadline for all materials is November 15, 2019.