Cornell’s Energy Systems Institute is an active advocate for maintaining high standards in terms of technical rigor and breadth of coursework across the university and its campuses.

Through the weekly Energy Engineering Seminar, CESI provides a mechanism for students in and outside of Cornell to receive up-to-date knowledge about energy systems science and technology, across the full spectrum of energy options. Seminar speakers will be distinguished practicing engineers and executives from industry and government, as well as Cornell faculty members from several departments. A lunch discussion session with the speaker will immediately follow the Seminar.

Cornell also offers a broad range of energy-related coursework that enrolled students can take for credit. The list of available courses is a living document; through addition of new faculty members and technical staff with expertise that extends the list, CESI works with departments across the Cornell campuses to add new curricula to enrich our offerings in energy.


The specialization in Energy Economics and Engineering (EEE) brings together faculty and students from various personal and academic backgrounds to focus on potential careers in energy-related technology, management, and public policy. Course work explores current and evolving energy systems.



AEP 5500 - Physics of Renewable Energy

The aim of this graduate/senior level class is a microscopic understanding of renewable energy devices and materials that you will likely encounter in research or advanced industrial settings, with a goal of understanding their ultimate limits, current efficiencies and opportunities for improvement.  The main emphasis is on electrical energy creation, conversion and storage devices - Solar Cells, Fuel Cells, Batteries, Supercapacitors and Thermoelectrics, which are areas of current research at Cornell.