Distinguished Lectures

John A. Swanson | October 2021
Renewable Energy Progress Report or, The Greening of the Grid

Adam Umanoff | September 2021
Decarbonizing California - An Achievable Strategy for Carbon Neutrality

Jiri Klemes| January 30, 2020
Circular Economy Integrating Smart Cities, Smart Industry, and Smart Agriculture

Alicia Barton| December 5, 2019
New York Climate Leadership and Protection Act

Steven Crowley| October 3, 2019
Decarbonizing energy supply and Fusion Energy

Jiming Hao| May 2, 2019
Energy Transition and Air Pollution Control in China

Carl Taylor| April 11, 2019
Revenge of the Distribution Planner 

Yi Cui| March 14, 2019
Materials and Interface Design for Electrochemical Energy Storage

Daniel Kammen| February 21, 2019
An Energy Plan the Earth Can Live With

Harry Atwater | September 20, 2018
New Directions for Electricity and Fuels from Sunlight

Steve Koonin | October 4, 2018
Urban Energy  

Archived CESI event recordings can be found on the CBE Intranet