Energy Engineering Seminar Series

Energy Seminars explore energy-related topics of emerging, contemporary and historical interest. An abbreviated list of subjects explored in the seminars includes: global energy resources, energy generation technologies (present and future), energy storage options, environmental impacts including climate change, energy policy, and energy delivery economics and systems. Seminar speakers are distinguished practicing engineers and executives from industry and government as well as faculty members from several departments at Cornell, and other academic institutions. Students from any department in Engineering or the Physical Sciences should find these talks informative. 

CESI Distinguished Speakers

CESI Energy Seminars

Fall 2022 Speaker Line-up

Thursdays, 12:25 - 1:15 pm | 165 Olin Hall

August 25- Prof. Lindsay Anderson, Cornell University, BEE

“A Brief Introduction to the Energy Seminar & Challenges and Trends for Energy Systems in a Warming World”

September 1- Prof. David Hammer, Cornell University, IEEE

“Nuclear Power Now (Fission) and in the Near Future (Fusion)”

September 8- Prof. Guðrún Sævarsdóttir, Reykjavik University

“Decarbonizing Aluminum Production. A Stepping Stone Towards Net Zero!”

September 15- Prof. Atieh Moridi, Cornell University, MAE

“Achieving Sustainability with Additive Manufacturing: How Can We Address the Material Challenges?”

September 22- Prof. Andrew Musser, Cornell University, CCB

"Singlet Fission: Cheating the Thermodynamics of Solar Cells with Molecular Spin Physics"

September 29- Prof. Max Zhang, Cornell University, MAE

 “A Tale of Twin Energy Developments: Shale Gas and Large-Scale Solar”

October 6- Prof. Vivek Srikrishnan, Cornell University, BEE

October 13- Prof. Semida Silveira, Cornell University, Systems Engineering

October 20- Ted Miller, Sr Manager, Ford Motor Company

October 27- Prof. Paul Mutolo, EMC2

November 3- Prof. Josh Taylor, University of Toronto

November 10- Ryan Legg, GE Renewable Energy

November 17- Prof. Max Trommsdorff, Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy System

December 1- Prof. Eugene Nikiforovich, Institute of Hydromechanics National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine