Shared Facility User Fees

The rates listed below are the current rates charged for usage of CESI Shared Facility Instruments for both academic and industry usage.

Rates charged are subject to change at any time.

User fees are charged for instrument usage and staff time, and these fees are evaluated annually following all University, federal and OMB guidelines. Fees support ongoing maintenance and staff efforts required to keep such analytical facilities operating.

Any questions can be directed to the lab manager:

Cornell Energy Systems Institute (CESI) user rate (FY2023)

Instrument Rate ($/hour)
Ar Glovebox (174A) $17.45
Ar Glovebox (177) $17.45
ASAP 2020 (BET) $3.49
ASAP 2460 (Hi-Throughput BET) $3.49
Autopore IV (Mercury Porosimeter) $17.45
Contact Angle $17.45
Density And Sound Velocity Meter $17.45
Dielectric Spectrometer $31.41
DSC (Q2000) $17.45
Filmetric $3.49
Freeze Dryer - Advantage 2.0 $3.49
Freeze Dryer - Virtus Benchtop Pro $0.52
Furnace (1000dC Furnace) $3.49
Gas Chromatography $17.45
Lab Ovens $3.49
MACCOR battery tester $0.52
MCR 301 (Rheometer 301) $17.45
MCR 501 (Rheometer 501) $17.45
Molecular Devices Plate Reader $17.45
Nitrogen Glovebox with spin coater $3.49
SAXSess mc2 $17.45
Plasma $3.49
QCM-D $17.45
Solatron $3.49
TGA (Q500) $17.45
Thermo Scientific (FTIR) $17.45
Titration  (Karl Fischer) $3.49
Ultracentrifuge $17.45
Vacuum Oven $3.49
ViscoQC Viscometer $17.45
Xenon Flash Thermal Conductivity Analyzer $17.45
Zetasizer (Nano 90) $17.45
Nano ITC34 $31.41